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Suggested Congressional Intelligence Committee Questions for Felix Sater

When you were working on Trump Tower Moscow for DJT in late 2015, you are quoted as saying that you drew on connections you had made in Russia in the late ’90s when you were secretly working for US Intelligence agencies. You advised the House Intelligence Committee that you had cultivated a network of foreign contacts that included “ranking intelligence, military operatives, and military research facilities.”

Was one of these contacts Russian Military Intelligence General Evgeny Shmykov? Did he not in fact assist you and the Trump team with securing visas to visit Moscow? What other assistance did he provide? Did he assist with obtaining potential financial assistance from Sberbank and/or VTB? Did Shmykov run interference for the Trump team with any Mayor or Deputy Mayors of Moscow e.g. Yury Luzhkov or Maxsim Liksutov? How did you first come to meet and work with General Shmykov? How did you communicate?

Were you at all involved with the Trump team’s interest in Trump Tower Moscow 1996?

Please describe your involvement.

Describe your relationship with Bennett LeBow CEO of Liggett and an interested investor in the failed 1996 Trump Tower Moscow deal.

Did you work closely with David Geovanis — Liggett’s Head of Real Estate?

Were you aware that Geovanis was also Managing Director of Basic Element — Oleg Deripaska’s main investment company?

Were you aware that Geovanis worked for another Russian oligarch by the name Oleg Boyko at one time?

Were you involved in the sale of a luxury condo at Trump Tower in New York to Oleg Boyko through one of Boyko’s shell companies? Did any of Boyko’s financing derive from Mikhail Mirilashvili — an old casino partner of Boyko’s?

Describe your relationship with Oleg Deripaska — the Russian aluminum oligarch close to Putin and Manafort and sanctioned by the US Treasury.

Are you acquainted with Viktor Boyarkin — the alleged GRU official that allegedly acted as an intermediary between Paul Manafort and Oleg Deripaska?

Do you know Evgeny Fokin — Former SVR officer and Director of International Cooperation for EN+ and former employee of Basic Element run by Oleg Deripaska? Describe your interactions with Fokin.

Do you know Stalbek Mishakov — Deputy CEO of EN+ and personal attorney for Oleg Deripaska? If so, please detail.

Describe your activities with regard to Bayrock and Trump Soho

Please detail the names of all investors in Trump Soho.

How did you come to know Tevrik Arif your partner in Bayrock? What can you tell the Committee with regard to the colorful background of Tevrik Arif and his brother?

Did Alexander Mashkevich and the Kazak trio actually invest in Trump Soho and if so how much? How did you come to know Alexander Mashkevich?

Did Viktor Krapunov (ex-mayor of Almaty, Kazakhstan) or his son Ilyas, invest in Bayrock/Trump Soho, and if so, how much did he put in? Were you aware that these monies were from illegal sources?

Did Rudy Giuliani provide any legal services regarding the setting up of KAZBAY — a joint venture set up between Bayrock and Helvetic Capital SA — a Swiss entity controlled by the Khrapunov family?

What bank(s) provided financing for Trump Soho?

Did any Russian nationals or shell companies controlled by Russian nationals invest in Trump Soho? Please detail.

Were any Trump Soho condos purchased for cash i.e. no mortgage involved?

Did Sam Kislin or any Kislin family member provide any mortgages for buyers of Trump Soho condos or any other Trump condos to your knowledge? What was the source of the funding for these mortgages? Was DJT aware that any of the monies loaned by Kislin for a Trump Condo was from illicit funds?

Please describe your relationship with Tamir Sapir. Sapir was an alleged KGB agent who ran an electronics store in midtown Manhattan. Sapir was also allegedly aligned with Vor Semion Mogilevich at one time. How much did Tamir Sapir or any Sapir family members invest in Bayrock/Trump Soho?

Explain if you can, your relationship with Shalva Tchigirinsky.

Are you aware of the relationship between Tevrik Arif — a partner of yours in Bayrock with an association with many questionable characters in Turkey and Central Asia — and Gafur Rakhimov?

Are you aware that DEA considers Rakhimov one of the largest Heroin dealers in Central Asia and touted by the US Treasury as head of “the Brother's Circle” — a Central Asian Transnational Organized Crime ring?

Do you know the Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov? Please detail.

Did you know that Rakhimov is considered to be a mentor to Usmanov — reputedly one of the richest Russians and largest stockholders in the Russian equivalent to Facebook? Do you know of the relationship between Rakhimov and the Chechen — Adam Delimkhanov — cousin to the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov who is close with MBZ of UAE and MBS from Saudi Arabia. Delimkhanov was a member of the Russian Duma and is known in Russia as the ‘the butcher from Grozny’ after being linked to multiple murders. Delimkhanov and his siblings run what is euphemistically known as the ‘oil regiment’ — an armed gang(siloviki) used to guard gas & oil facilities in Russia under the direction of Igor Sechin — head of Rosneft.

Musa Bazaev is a Chechen oligarch closely associated with Alexander Mashkevich, Ramzan Kadyrov, and Vladimir Putin. Do you know Bazaev? Detail. Did Bazaev invest in Bayrock/Trump Soho?

Did any of the above-noted Chechens run their investments through shell companies emanating from Dubai? Did either MBZ or MBS ever invest in any Trump-related properties? Detail.

Delimkhanov has been associated with Ilya Traber. Traber is an old friend of Vladimir Putin from St. Petersburg who personally has supervised the construction of at least one of Putin’s mansions in the St. Petersburg area. Traber, along with Sergei Vasiliev — who runs the St. Petersburg Terminal — have been identified by Spanish authorities as heading the Tambovskaya OCG centered in St. Petersburg that has laundered millions through Spanish real estate.

Do you know Adam Delimkhanov? If so, please detail.

Do you know Ilya Traber? If so, please detail.

Do you know Sergei Vasiliev? If so, please detail

Igor Sechin was Putin’s chief of staff before heading up Rosneft(huge Russian oil conglomerate) and was buddies with Putin in St. Petersburg going back to Putin’s Deputy Mayor days in the mid-nineties.

Do you know Sechin? If so, please detail. Is it true that construction had not yet begun on Trump Soho when DJT granted you and Bayrock exclusive rights for one year to develop a Trump International Hotel and Tower in Kyiv and Yalta? Did you not arrange for a 2005 meeting with the executive council of investors of Crimea chaired by the then Prime Minister of Crimea Anatoliy Matviyenko to discuss a Trump-related investment in Yalta?

Did you meet with the Ukraine Minister of Transport Chervonenko to discuss a plan wherein Trump would invest $500M into the construction of an exclusive yacht and hotel complex in Yalta?

On Sept. 9, 2005 — three days before the announcement of Trump’s “investment” in Yalta did not Chervonenko announce that Deutsche Bank had agreed to loan $2Bn to finance improvements to Crimea’s railways, postal service, and seaports? Did you work with Deutsche Bank and Crimea with regard to Deutsche Bank’s investment? Did you facilitate a visit by Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. to meet with high-ranking Ukrainian officials in February 2006 in Kyiv to discuss potential Trump investments in that country?

Were you at all involved in any of Bennet LeBow’s investments in Ukraine?

Was Donald Trump?

Please describe your relationship with Vadim Rabinovich a Ukrainian with known Organized Crime ties with both Ukrainian and American politicians.

Were you aware of the ties between Bennett LeBow and Vadim Rabinovich?

Were you aware of the ties between Ron Lauder(head of Estee Lauder, a boyhood friend of DJT and one of the largest DJT political contributors) and Vadim Rabinovich?

Rabinovich and a guy by the name Grigori Loutchansky were business partners in a company called Nordex that was tied into the huge Bank of NY money laundering scheme with Russia.

Please describe your relationship with Grigor Loutchansky a business partner of Rabinovich and a known large-scale money launderer.

Please describe your relationship with Boris Fuchsman.

Please describe your relationship with Sam Kislin and his nephew Arik Kislin — the owner of the Hotel Gansevoort.

Do you know Michael Chernoy the Russian Aluminum oligarch who lost out to Oleg Deripaska with regard to dominance of the Russian Aluminum industry? Explain.

Are you aware of the relationship between Kislin and Chernoy? Detail.

Are you aware of the relationship between Chernoy and “his guy” — Lev Leviev? Please describe your relationship with Rotem Rosen — Lev Leviev’s chief lieutenant and an associate at one time in or with the Trump Organization.

Are you aware of the relationship between Kislin and Anton Malevsky Russian Organized Crime(ROC) leader of the Ismailovskaya Organized Crime Group(OCG)?

Are you familiar with Telman Ismailov or his son Alekper who is the beneficial owner of the Cayman Island located shell company named TTT? Ismailov owns a company called AST Group that until 2009 was the owner of Europe’s largest marketplace called Cherkyovsky Marked located in Moscow. Please detail.

Are you aware of the relationship between Rudy Giuliani and Sam Kislin?

Please describe your relationship with Semion Mogilevich ROC Vor of vors?

Describe your relationship with Dmitry Firtash — the Ukrainian oligarch who is partners with GAZPROM and alleged to be close with Vladimir Putin and Putin’s boyhood friends — the Rotenberg brothers.

Do you or did you know Sergey Mikhailov (Mikhas)- one of the founders of the Solntsevskaya OCG?

Are you aware that Mikhailov was partners with Boris Birshtein in Seabeco — a huge money-laundering operation that was used by Russian government officials to move millions out of Russia in the nineties? Are you aware that Birshtein was alleged to be an agent of both the KGB and Mossad?

Please describe your relationship with Birshtein and Seabeco. Did you know that Alexander Mashkevich — a purported investor in Bayrock — once headed up Seabeco’s office in Belgium and was prosecuted for money laundering by the Belgian authorities?

Are you aware of the association between Mikhailov and Aras Agalarov — DJT’s alleged partner in the most recent purported Trump Tower Moscow project? Detail.

Please describe your relationship with Vyacheslav Ivankov(Yaponchik). Yaponchik was freed out of a Siberian gulag by Mogilevich and sent to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn to head up ROC activities in NYC for Mogilevich. Yaponchik moved into Trump Tower shortly after arriving in NYC. Are you aware of the source of Yaponchik’s funding for his purchase of a condo in Trump Tower? Was DJT aware of the source of Yaponchik’s funding? Were you aware that Yaponchik was an uncle to and cellmate at one time of your best childhood friend from Brighton Beach — Yevgeny Dvoskin? Yaponchik and Dvoskin were reportedly partners in crime in Brighton Beach. Dvoskin ran Genbank in Russia at one time and was associated with Ivan Myazin and more importantly FSB General Ivan Tkachev — Head of Directorate K of the FSB which handled financial activities for the FSB. Please outline your understanding of the above relationships.

Explain if you can — your relationship with Shabtai Kalmanovich.

Did you in any way help facilitate the purchase of Unit 63A in Trump Tower by Oleg Boyko(Boiko)? Detail. Did you assist in any way with the sale of Unit 63A by Boiko to Vadim Trincher? Detail. Do you know any of Trincher’s associates e.g. Golubchik? or Taiwanchik? or Jacob Gitman? Are you familiar with Monarch Air? Please detail.

Please describe your relationship with Yakov and/or David Bogatin who invested in the purchase of 5 Trump Tower condominiums? Yakov Bogatin partnered with Mogilevich in a money-laundering operation centered out of Pennsylvania through a company called YBM Magnex. Did you know where Bogatin’s money came from? Did DJT? Do you know Lawrence ‘Fat Larry’ Iorizzo? How so? Are you aware of David Bogatin’s relationship with Iorizzo and their Fuel Excise Tax scams?

Please describe your relationship with Boris Nayfeld the last of the old-time Godfathers of Russian Organized Crime located in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

Alexander Torshin was once head of the Russian equivalent to our Federal Reserve, an MP in the Duma, a close associate of reputed Russian spy Maria Butina and a heavy contributor to the NRA. Torshin has been wiretapped by the Spanish authorities plotting money laundering activities for Russian mobsters and government officials.

Do you know Alexander Torshin? If so, please detail. Has Torshin or any of his associates ever invested in any Trump properties? Please detail. What shell companies were used? What law firms?

Please describe your relationship with Viktor Topolov — the Ukrainian oligarch and past head of the Ukrainian Coal Ministry alleged to be closely associated with ROC figures and alleged to be interested in a purported ethanol deal brokered by Michael Cohen and his brother Byran? Please describe your relationship with Alex Oronov — Michael Cohen’s father-in-law who mysteriously died on 3/21/17 and was rumored to be involved in the proposed Ukrainian peace deal hand walked by Michael Cohen to Michael Flynn’s NSA desk.

Please describe your relationship with Andrii Artemenko a Ukrainian MP also alleged to be involved in the above noted Ukrainian peace deal.

How did the Ukraine peace plan worked on by the above individuals and walked to Michael Flynn’s desk evolve? Detail any quid pro quo’s involved.

Please describe your relationship with Byran Cohen, brother to Michael Cohen. How did it come to pass that Byran Cohen obtained a position as Chief Administrative Officer for Howard Lorber’s real estate company? It is noted that DJT has touted Lorber as one of his closest personal friends. It is also noted that the media has reported that Lorber, Bennett LeBow, and Leon Black from Apollo Management get together once a month for a steak dinner in midtown Manhattan. Do you know each of the above-noted individuals? Detail

It has been reported that Leon Black was once on the Board of Directors of the Russian Development Investment Fund — RDIF — run by Kirill Dmitriev most famous for the one beer he had with Eric Prince on the Seychelles Islands. Apollo Management has been reported making substantial real estate loans to the Kushner Companies subsequent to Leon Black's meeting with Jared Kushner in the White House. What can you tell us about that relationship?

Detail your involvement if any with Trump Tower Toronto

Explain your relationship with Alex Shnaider and Eduard Shifrin nominal owners of Trump Tower Toronto(TTT). Did you know that Shnaider’s father-in-law was Boris Birshtein the notorious money launderer and partner in crime with Mikhailov — referenced above?

Explain if you can how Raiffeisen Bank came to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Trump Tower Toronto. Are you aware that Raiffeisen Bank is alleged to be controlled by Semion Mogilevich? Dmitry Firtash is also closely associated with Raiffeisen.

What was Firtash’s role in TTT? What was Mogilevich’s role?

Isn’t it true that some of the same folks and entities involved in TTT came to be involved in the Trump Dominican Republic? Can you shed some light on this allegation?

What is the true relationship between Shifrin, Shnaider, and Lev Leviev — the so-called ‘King of Diamonds’?

Do you know Aron Shaviv-campaign manager and chief strategist for Bibi Netanyahu’s successful 2015 election? Please detail.

To your knowledge — Does DJT, his family members, or the Trump Organization maintain any offshore bank accounts either in their own names or held by shell companies? Detail.

Where does the Trump Organization bank their income from their foreign property holdings e.g. Turnberry Golf course in Scotland? The Trump golf course in Dubai? et al?

What was the original source of financing for Turnberry and the Trump golf course in Dubai?

Can you explain the inner workings of the Trump Organization intra- or inter-company loans relative to Turnberry and also Trump Tower Chicago?

Has the Trump Organization timely reported the income due upon the forgiveness of the debt?

Does DJT and the Trump Organization report their foreign bank account holdings to the Department of Treasury as required?

Describe the work you performed for the Turkish construction company based in Istanbul called Sembol Construction.

Who is Fettah Tamince?

Who is Tufam Gultekim?

What is your relationship with the Rixos Hotel chain?

Do you have a relationship with Herman Greff — CEO of Russia’s largest bank Sberbank? How did you come to know Greff?

Do you have a relationship with any of the main honchos of Alfa-Bank e.g. Mikhail Fridman? Petr Avren? German Khan? How did you meet and how did the relationship(s) evolve?

Who was your contact with VTB the large Russian bank rumored to have offered financing for Trump Tower Moscow? How did this contact evolve?

Have you ever been involved in a business deal of any type with Viktor Vekselberg — the Russian tycoon who directed consultant payments be made to Michael Cohen through Cohen’s shell company Essential Consultants?

To your knowledge, has DJT ever made use of shell companies to evade taxes, launder money, hide transactions, or for any other illicit purposes? Detail. Who can corroborate?

Do you know Martin Greenberg? How so? Please detail.

Do you have a relationship with any of the following Ukrainian oligarchs?

Pavel Fuchs?

Serhiy Liovchkin?

Ivan Fursin?

Serhiy Kurchenko?

Rinat Akhmetov?

How would you describe the relationship between Rudy Giuliani and the above noted Ukrainian oligarchs?

Have you ever been asked to operate as a backchannel or as a bagman to/from Russia or Ukraine or Turkey by DJT or any of his family members?

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